What is the difference?

There is actually some difference between the Viagra pill and oral jelly that cures the erectile dysfunction syndrome. Kamagra oral jelly is definitely cheaper than the Viagra pills but it does not mean it has a smaller impact on your healthy erection since both of the drugs are made out of the same component – Sildenafil. The oral jelly is a younger product than its pill predecessor however it already made a huge impact on the market. The quality of the oral jelly is not compromised by its cheaper production cost since it is much more easier to produce the drug in a form of jelly than a pill.

The gel wins many battles

Now the jelly is digested easier than a pill and that means that the effect it has on your erection comes faster since it the drug is more easier to get into the blood. Some even say it is a TURBO Viagra because it might start working as soon as 10 minutes after digestion and the duration can be up to 5 hours, so this might lead to a great pleasurable night of fulfilled dreams and enjoyment. You should never underestimate a jelly, since it might surprise you.